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Requirements include:
  • A professional music therapist holds a bachelor’s degree or higher in music therapy from one of over 70 American Music Therapy Association (AMTA)   approved college and university programs.
  • In-depth knowledge in three main areas: musical foundations, clinical foundations, and music therapy foundations and principles as specified in the AMTA Professional Competencies.
  • A minimum of 1200 hours of clinical training, including a supervised internship, prior to earning certification.

Tammy Reiver, MT-BC

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Biographical Info

Tammy is the Music Therapy Coordinator and provides music therapy services at Banner Hospice to people suffering from terminal illness. Music Therapy helps people cope with their illness, decreases pain and anxiety, helps them prepare for death, and provides a supportive tool for families and friends.  Tammy is a graduate from Arizona State University’s Music Therapy program.

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