Local Committee members & Conference volunteers:

We will be hosting a “Community Forum” at conference just before opening session (Thursday, April 4. 5:30-6:30pm). At this community forum, we will have well known music therapists from AZ speak about the importance, the power, and the relevancy of music therapy. This event is a wonderful opportunity to help educate members of our community about music therapy.

We want this to be an event that opens people’s eyes and changes their minds about music therapy. However, we can’t do that without your help. We need you to encourage people to come to this event. Business owners, local governmental representatives, school administrators, parents, doctors, related therapists, and anyone whom you think may benefit from learning more about music therapy are the people we want to invite to this. We will be offering snacks and refreshments thanks to support from AZMTA. All of the participants who come to the community forum will also be invited to join the Opening Session afterward as well.

Click on the link or picture below and you can download the pdf file of the flyer.  Please print and post it at your workplace, send them to colleagues, invite potential clients. Help us to make this one more piece of the fantastic conference we are all putting together.

Thanks again for your time and efforts for this cause.

Your Local Chair,

Michael Plunkett



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